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Interview with entrepreneur catering business Cadir


Abdullah Bildirici owner of Cadir Restaurant

How satisfied are you with the purchase you made?
I am very satisfied with Cerme ICT’s products. The software is so well tailored which serves us effectively. The system and products of Cerme ICT have ensured that our restaurant is used in an optimal way.

How satisfied are you with the service you received?
The service is just as good and important as the products of Cerme ICT. We once had a problem with the service and it was solved immediately with their customer-friendly staff. Without one effort and within a short time, the problem was solved.

What do you think are the strengths of the service?
What distinguishes Cerme ICT is their personal ministry and relationship. You can reach them at any time and there is no complaining about it. You will be helped as well as possible and look forward to the next opportunity to be with you.

What do you think are areas for improvement? What do you propose?
Perhaps offer an online help service or advice on help and delivery of products. The products are very very good and also the service. Perhaps an added value can be linked to it so that it becomes even more lively.

Would you recommend our service to anyone else?
I would certainly advise everyone in the Netherlands to purchase the products of Cerme ICT. They will certainly not regret it and will be very satisfied with it. I guarantee that to all entrepreneurs. They can also come and have a look at our case for the systems.

Do you save thanks to our POS systems, if so how much do you think?
Walking back and forth of our waiters costs a lot of time and money. This is partly thanks to the systems of Cerme ICT. Both when an order is placed, it is printed directly at the chef and that certainly saves a lot of back and forth and communication time. I wouldn’t dare to mention an amount, but I am sure that you will recoup all the costs incurred and certainly save a lot afterwards.

How satisfied are you with our company overall?
As I have just said, Cerme ICT is a top company with very good service and products. The best proof is the systems in my shop and help with a call. I would say: try it, and you’ll notice!