Cerme ICT is certified by NMI

to link a scale to its software CermePOS

NMI - Netherlands Measurement Institute - Libra Certification

NMi Certin is the independent specialist for testing, certification and training in the field of metrology and gaming. Manufacturers and end users can rely on worldwide recognition of NMi Certin measurement reports and certificates. NMi Certin distinguishes itself through customer-oriented solutions and innovation.

Cerme ICT has recently obtained the certification of the Netherlands Measurement Institute (NMI) to link scales to the CermePOS software. This certification confirms the reliability and accuracy of CermePOS software when processing weighing data.

With the ability to link scales to the CermePOS software, it becomes easier for companies to weigh products and pay with customers. CermePOS now offers a fully integrated POS system that can automatically process the weighing of products. This saves time and minimizes errors in the checkout process.

Cerme ICT offers an integrated touchscreen scale for various sectors, including bakeries, fishmongers, fruit and vegetable shops and delicatessens. This touchscreen scale allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their weighing and POS systems, saving time and making the checkout process more efficient.

Cerme ICT is proud to have obtained this certification and will continue to offer innovative solutions for companies that want to optimize their processes.

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