Retail POS software

CermePOS Retail POS software has proven itself in the retail sector for many years. It is used in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and France. Users can use it almost immediately and it is easy to manage. Cerme Point of Sale POS software are reliable applications for the gift shop, fashion store, bakery, greengrocer, bike shop, liquor store, fish store, butcher shop, florist and numerous other stores. Developed in collaboration with business owners within a segment and equipped with convenient options by industry.

  • Ability to work with a touch screen
  • Cashiers with different rights
  • Direct printing of cash receipts or later as a copy
  • Credit or refund voucher
  • Converting receipt into a sales invoice
  • Sales on credit
  • Bonus and Loyalty
  • Bon on hold
  • Shortcut keys can be set by yourself
  • Create order
  • Create an invoice directly
  • Controlling the webshop
  • Managing your customers with loyalty cards
  • Management of suppliers
  • Managing Groups and Subgroups
  • Management of Departments/Brands
  • Management of touch buttons
  • Management in network environment with multiple cash registers
  • Management of serial numbers
  • Management of sizes
  • Quadrilingual: German, English, French, and Dutch
  • Management of articles
  • Deposit
  • Labels
  • Shelf Cards
  • Statistics
  • Photos
  • Price by quantity
  • Promo price with period
  • Ability to manage discounts and various promotions
  • Manage actions by customer group or customer
  • Savings points per item,
  • Savings points per turnover,
  • Discounted sales,
  • Discount on number of purchases,
  • General discount per customer
  • Managing promotional items
  • Mix & Match actions
  • Ability to give promotion for cardholders only.
  • Module for purchase invoices and payments to suppliers
  • Automatically generate orders from suppliers.
  • Inventory management by store
  • Simple or valorized inventory reports
  • Managing stock changes
  • Stock returns
  • Track and report loss
  • Own use
  • Daily turnover by cash register, cashier, global or by item
  • Reports X, Y, Z store during shutdown.
  • Monthly sales with taxable basis for your accountant
  • Sales by item/group
  • Price List
  • Customer labels
  • Items to order
  • Cash Book
  • Bankbook
  • Coins and rates
  • Records of staff working hours
  • Reporting hours worked (daily/weekly/monthly/period)
  • Login logout via password, fingerprint reader or barcode via pricechecker.
  • Sending bulk mail to your customers
  • Selection of customers based on customer groups to be defined.
  • Records of emails sent
  • Items, customers, suppliers import/export
  • Importing old invoices
  • Import article photos
  • Export sales lists to excel/ word/ pdf
  • Export to Reflex
  • GDPdu Export


CermePos Retail has certified interfacing with Worldline (Banksys) and CCV POS terminals. In addition, CermePOS interfaces with Cash-Processor’s cash payment system.


CermePOS is NMI certified this provides the ability to link checkout scales directly to the in-house developed applications. This makes the checkout process at checkout smooth and fast.