POS system Fruit and Vegetable (AGF) stores

Whether you want to weigh apples, mevye, pak choi, Brussels sprouts, bean sprouts, long beans or other produce, our scales display the correct weight and print a barcode label to scan at the checkout. Or do you find it more convenient to checkout right away? As a seller of fruits and vegetables, with perhaps some pre-packaged products, you need a POS system that fits around your business like a tailored suit. Want to know what products you have in stock, which ones you need to reorder, or an alert when a product is nearly sold out? Cerme ICT’s Point of Sale software ensures that you constantly have the right information to optimize your profits.

Automatic ordering orders

It can be even smarter if you take advantage of the automatic ordering feature. Your supplier is already working on your order while you sell the last of your stock. You never miss out when you take full advantage of the power of Cerme POS software. The reporting function shows you what the seasonal influences are, with this you adjust your purchasing in time, and the ordering recommendations help you determine purchasing volumes.

Administration in order

With our POS POS POS software, you can be sure that you have everything you need technically and commercially to properly serve your customers and keep your records in order. With its convenient export and import functions, even your accountant will be pleasantly surprised.


There are three options: the Wintec S100, S300 or S500. Want to weigh only and print a barcode label? The S100 satisfies. No bar code label, but weigh and checkout? The choice of an S300 is a good one. Do you want an all-in-one solution, scale, barcode label printer, cash register and receipt printer in one device? The Wintec S500 is the answer, this workhorse will not disappoint you.