POS system for Visboer stores

Seafood, Fish, Shellfish and Mollusks

As a fish store you deal with a wide range of seafood that is sold by portions and weight depending on the season and your customers’ preferences, you need a smart scale that knows your business. Purchasing on time, the right offer and discounting on time is already a chore. Seafood is also still among the most perishable products. First in first out  (FiFo) and refrigeration must be well matched otherwise spoilage can significantly reduce your profits. In addition, the equipment must be resistant to grease and cleaning must be easy.

Meet the robustness of our scales and POS equipment.


Fish is sold by portion or weight and the environment can be greasy, therefore you need a robust POS system to calculate the right price. With a simple touch of the screen, you can select the products on the screen or via quick buttons. The CermePOS software tells you exactly which products and portions deliver the best price-to-earnings ratio. This allows you to maximize your profits.

Choosing the right scale

The choice of POS equipment is important here, if you have a lot of space then your choice is wider but most fish stores or fish stalls have limited space. That’s why Cerme ICT carries Wintec’s products, a reliable weighing system for any store environment.

Weighing and labeling

Do you just want to weigh and print a barcode label or pre-pack? The Wintec S100 will not disappoint you. Equipped with convenient options such as the pre-packing mode, saving you a lot of time.

Weighing and checkout

There are three options: the Wintec S100, S300 or S500. Want to weigh only and print a barcode label? The S100 satisfies. No bar code label, but weigh and checkout? The choice of an S300 is a good one. Do you want an all-in-one solution, scale, barcode label printer, cash register and receipt printer in one device? The Wintec S500 is the answer, this workhorse will not disappoint you.