Hardware Kassasystemen All-in One or Modulair

Hardware POS Systems

Hardware POS systems, available as All-in-One or Modular systems. A modular system consists of a separate touch monitor and a mini POS computer. The all-in-one version, the name says it all, both the display and POS mini-PC is one device. The choice depends on your type of store and your own preferences. If you have a supermarket, then you most likely also have a checkout -grocery checkout counter- with or without a roller conveyor, in which case the carrying capacity of the checkout is also a determining factor. The brands we work with include: Colormetrics, EBN, Prox, HP, Epson and Elo, Digi, Datalogic Magellan, Wintec

In addition to checkout hardware, there is essential and optional equipment.

Hardware POS systems, essentials:

  • PIN device
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash Drawer

Hardware POS systems optional:

  • Barcode scanner handheld
  • Barcode Scanner Scale (built-in)
  • Shelf card printer
  • Libra
There are also integrated Checkout Scales, everything is then in one device. You will find these in stores where roads are inextricably linked to the products, such as dairy, nuts, delicatessen, meat and fish. Contact us, you will get a personal POS Advisor to think with you free of charge!