POS system Slagerij stores

An all-in-one POS solution for the butcher shop, the POS scale that independently or together with other devices optimizes your butcher shop, that’s what you want, right? A big advantage of these workhorses is that your customer can monitor weighing and product information on a large customer display, and you can immediately project your offers. Increase your sales and profits with your own digital offers. While the customer is thinking, you are helping them with inspiration!

  • Weighing and correct labeling in a snap

No running around or duplicating work, weighing and packing, labeling products appropriately with mandatory ingredient or allergen information, everything is done in no time. The amount to be paid appears on your PIN machine unless the customer pays in cash.

  • Fraud and Hygiene

Want to make your Butchery more hygienic, safer and faster? If so, a cash changer can help.Glory CI 5 With a BanknoteRecycler from Glory Machines, your staff no longer has contact with cash. It works faster, prevents fraud, and at the touch of a button the cash layout is ready.

With CermePOS Butchery you will have all the time you need for the customer!


Doing more in less time.


Touchscreen operation

Hotkeys, article and group

Weighing, labeling and checkout with one device

Speeding and labeling in pre-packaging

Efficient checkout, PIN and Credit Cards

Webshop synchronization


Accurate and up-to-date information.


Seeing points of improvement

Shelf life, insight, pricing on time

Supply in line with demand

Right price and quality ratio

Taking notes for staff

Hygiene and Safety


Clear view of free stock.


Ordering Process

Cost control

Control freshness through insight

Overstock, making offers

Accurate and fast inventory

First in First out rotation


Intuitive screens.


Short learning time

Clear navigation

Integration with accounting

Accessible without prior knowledge

Adaptable to mode of operation

Efficient workflow


Increase sales with targeted promotion.


Catering Events

Seasonal influences, trends

Loyalty program, regular customer promotions

Webshop, online presence

Sales promotions and discounts

Meal sales


Knowing where you stand.


VAT declaration

Staff, working hours overview

Purchase management and order information

Revenue reporting, seeing where the profit is

Clear and concise reports

Offering and invoicing