Frequently asked questions about POS systems

Frequently asked questions about POS systems

What is a POS Terminal?

This is the device you use to record sales. This can be a mini POS computer, personal computer, laptop or tablet. Note the number of connection ports: depending on your store environment, you will need additional connection ports for peripherals.

What PIN device do I need?

There are two options a fixed or mobile PIN machine. For frequent use, such as supermarket, we recommend the Yomani brand PIN machine (fixed) or Yoximo (mobile). If you have few payment transactions, then a low-priced entry-level model may suffice.

Should I key in the amount to be paid on the PIN device?

No, the CermePOS POS system sends the pay amount to the PIN terminal and your customer checks out. if the PIN transaction is approved, the receipt printer prints the receipt as proof of payment.

What is a receipt printer?

This is usually a thermal printer, no ink is needed, which is linked to the cash register. The printer prints a receipt after payment.

What cash drawers exist?

Flip Top and Horizontal. The Flip Top cash drawer opens upward; the horizontal version opens like a drawer.

What is a Customer Display?

This is the screen on which the customer can follow the cashier's operations. On it, the customer sees what is charged or scanned. In addition, a portion of the customer display is used to depict promotions and offers.

What is a shelf card printer?

This is a thermal printer, a store has shelves that hold the products. On a shelf there is usually a card showing the name and price of the product with a barcode. So that card is called a shelf card. The barcode is used by the retailer when going to inventory. Through a mobile data collector, one scans the bar code, enters the quantity, and the data is transmitted in real time via WiFi to a cash register or back office environment.

What is a Barcode Scanner?

This is a device that allows you to scan the black stripes on a product. This can be done by hand, a fixed device or a built-in scanner scale. The latter is usually used in a supermarket.

What POS Scales exist?

There are several versions of a POS Scale. The separate scale is only used to weigh and print a label with a barcode to scan at the checkout. There is also a version that simultaneously functions as a cash register. A POS Checkout Scale is often used in stores such as a butcher shop, fish, vegetable or deli. All checkout operations can then be performed on one device.

General business

Payment Terms

Cerme ICT Bv applies the following conditions:

  • A project starts once 60% of the total amount, including VAT, is paid in advance.
  • On the day of installation, 30% of the invoice amount, including VAT, must be paid.
  • The balance, 10% of the total amount (including VAT) must be paid within 10 days of installation.
If I don't have a service contract, what are the costs?
On call Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., by phone or remote, per 15 minutes €30. After 6 p.m. and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) per 15 minutes €40. On site (support at your location) A minimum of 30 minutes will be charged per hour worked € 98.
Call-out fee
0 - 30 Km € 75
31 - 60 Km € 90
61 - 90 Km € 115
91 - 120 Km € 130
121 - 150 Km € 150
151 - 200 Km € 225
201 - 300 Km 300
(!!! Link to service contract creation and forms to request and print rates)
What should I do if a product does not function?

You contact our help desk, they will check with you if the product is actually defective or needs a setting.

Can I change or cancel my order?

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What is ``package tracking`` in my orders?

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