Dry cleaning Kassasysteem Software

Dry cleaning POS system software from CermePOS. As a business owner in the dry cleaning industry, you have to deal with completely different processes than a store. You are a service provider, your customers expect clothes cleaned on time and they should not be lost. This is why we have paid extra attention to the intake and expenditure review. We also work with a special printer that provides the clothing receipts with a special label that can withstand any moisture, temperature or chemical, influences logically conceivable.

Your POS advisor will be happy to provide a demonstration.

Dry cleaning software with bar code

If you use a barcode gun, dispensing is a matter of one action, scanning your customer's clothing receipt. If you also provide service to businesses then it is good to know that this has been thought of. Delivering on account, noting special requests with the order, regular customer, setting rates, or a report with a comprehensive analysis that easily shows where, how much or on what service the best profit is, it's no problem at all!

The dry cleaning industry knows that Cerme provides a customized POS system

Stomerij Kassasysteem Software


Doing more in less time.


Print washable receipts

Cash Pin and payment by mobile

Touchscreen interface for quick navigation

Optimized workflow for faster processing

Scannable bar codes for speed and accuracy


Accurate and up-to-date information.


Identify areas for improvement

Shelf life, discounting on time

Verification of correctness order execution

Notes for staff to improve efficiency

Complaints, easy to take and report

Back office, central control

Store Management

What pieces are pending.

Store Management

Expected work

Customer receipts in process

Cleaning supplies, order on time

What is ready, send message to customer

Collection, delivery

Making quotation, proposal


Intuitive screens.


Intuitive design

Clear navigation

Support with video connection

Adaptable to mode of operation

Efficient workflow

Short learning time


Targeted promotion, increase sales.



Recognizing target audiences

Offering special promotions

Effective marketing, knowledge of target audience

Webshop Synchronization

Brand identity


Knowing where you stand.


VAT declaration

Purchasing management and revenue information

Personnel, working hours overview

Flexible analysis convenient reporting

Revenue and profit reporting

Offering and invoicing

  • Direct printing of cash receipts or later as a copy.
  • Automatic printing of laundry receipts on hydrofix paper.
  • Vouchers and refund vouchers.
  • On customer request, convert a ticket into a sales invoice.
  • Possible sale on credit.
  • Ability to work with a touch screen.
  • Putting receipts on hold
  • Self-defined hotkeys
  • Enter order directly
  • Create an invoice directly
  • Cashier with different rights
  • Managing your customers with loyalty cards
  • Management of suppliers
  • Management of Groups and subgroups
  • Management of Departments/Brands
  • Management of touch buttons
  • Management in network environment with multiple cash registers
  • Management of serial numbers
  • Management of sizes
  • Quadrilingual: German, English, French, and Dutch
  • Management of articles
  • Deposit
  • Labels
  • Shelf Cards
  • Statistics
  • Photos
  • Price by quantity
  • Promo price with period
  • Ability to manage discounts and various promotions
  • Manage actions by customer group or customer
  • Savings points per item,
  • Savings points per turnover,
  • Discounted sales,
  • Discount on number of purchases,
  • General discount per customer
  • Managing promotional items
  • Ability to give promotion for cardholders only.
  • Module for purchase invoices and payments to suppliers
  • Automatically generate orders from suppliers.
  • Inventory management by store
  • Simple or valorized inventory reports
  • Managing stock changes
  • Stock returns
  • Daily turnover by cash register, cashier, global or by item
  • Reports X, Y, Z store during shutdown.
  • Monthly sales with taxable basis for your accountant
  • Sales by item/group
  • Price List
  • Customer labels
  • Items to order
  • List not retrieved (yet)
  • Cash Book
  • Bankbook
  • Coins and rates