Cash Automation

Cash automation with the Gory Machines. Cash handling in your retail environment can be costly and impact staff efficiency, business processes, hygiene and safety. Glory’s cash recycling systems are part of the dynamic CASHINFINITY™ solution.

Cash Automation

When Cash Automation solutions are integrated into our POS system, it automates cash handling because the Glory CASHINFINITY™ machines take care of the collection and correct payment of change. The risk of cash errors or fraud is minimized and both hygiene and productivity improve.

Good to know, all Glory machines screen for counterfeit money!

Glory Machine – CI-5X
This cash machine is used in stores with a lot of cash, such as fast food, bakery or a supermarket. It is of limited size and takes up little space. Capacity: an average of 200 transactions before you need to replenish or empty the cash cassette.

Glory Machine - CI-10X
The big brother of the CI-5X, this money exchange machine is placed on the floor. It has a large capacity, up to 600 transactions before you need to empty or replenish the cash cassette.

Glory Machine - CI-50
Suitable for, among other things, a wholesale market, where large sums of cash must be quickly counted and screened for counterfeit notes. Capacity, before you need to replenish or empty the cash cassette, 1,200 transactions.


Screen for counterfeit money, count, and exchange. You know exactly what cash is available at any time, down to the penny. This data can be consulted via the cloud environment of CermePOS.

End day

In the event of a day-end closing or change of cashier, the cash layout is a matter of pressing the button. You don't have to worry, everything will be right, top on the penny accurate!


Money often changes hands and can come into contact with various surfaces, which can make it a reservoir for microorganisms, including bacteria. With a Glory money exchange machine you increase hygiene for you and your employees.