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Whether you are a store owner, a restaurant, a supermarket or a wholesaler, reliable and efficient POS hardware is essential. Discover the latest developments in POS hardware technology, explore different options suitable for your industry, and learn about the features and capabilities that will enable your business to provide outstanding customer experiences. Browse products, become familiar with the various components of a modern point of sale POS system.

Whether you want to upgrade existing POS hardware or start from scratch, our goal is to provide you with valuable insights and guidance to make informed decisions. Cerme ICT BV understands that choosing the right POS environment can have a significant impact on the efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction of your business.

Let’s explore together and unlock the potential of your business.

Hardware POS System Point of SaleHardware products and software from one supplier

The equipment of a POS environment must be of high quality; the cost of equipment not functioning properly can add up quickly. Because of the wide range of stores in the Netherlands, there is usually a competitor located in close proximity. Customers don't like waiting; problems with your hardware can lead to a visit to the competitor.

Therefore, Cerme ICT BV works with certified Point of Sale equipment and we provide quick support with video guidance. If that's not fast enough, we'll take over the system remotely to make sure the problem is fixed quickly and you can get back to focusing on sales. Therefore, it makes sense to source POS software and hardware from one vendor.