Delicatessen POS System

Delicacies such as fine cheeses, chocolates, truffles and exclusive wines, are often considered a luxury item and sold in specialized stores. These products are sold by weight or as a prepackaged unit. CermePOS delicatessen helps you do prepackaging at lightning speed. If you are pre-packaging then you are required to provide an ingredients and or allergens list. This is usually done by labeling the product. This barcoded label speeds up and facilitates the checkout process. Scanning a bar code, avoids the errors of manual entry, .


POS system Delicatesse stores

Extra profit, bulk to marketable portions

Repackaging bulk into saleable portions is a common method used by retailers to make extra profit. This process can be time-consuming because a serving must be labeled with price, weight, ingredients and allergens.

Fortunately, Cermepos’ scales have a handy feature. Simply set the price per gram, enable repacking mode and as soon as you remove the portion from the scale, a barcode label is automatically printed.

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There are three options: the Wintec S100, S300 or S500. Want to weigh only and print a barcode label? The S100 satisfies. No bar code label, but weigh and checkout? The choice of an S300 is a good one. Do you want an all-in-one solution, scale, barcode label printer, cash register and receipt printer in one device? The Wintec S500 is the answer, this workhorse will not disappoint you.