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Dry Cleaning Software

Dry cleaning software works differently than standard point of sale solutions for stores. Bringing, picking up and delivery of clothing should be clearly recorded. Through a washable receipt, the items are labeled before the treatment starts. When the customer comes back to pick up the delivered items you want to see where it is in no time. That’s why the developers came up with a convenient system, barcodes that all you have to do is scan. This barcode is printed on the receipt. And at pickup, the cash register system alerts you if payment is pending.

Your POS advisor will be happy to provide a demonstration.

Dry cleaning POS system

If you have special arrangements with companies then it is good to know that our POS system with dry cleaning software can also deliver on account. Large companies with a lot of dry cleaning jobs, think of those with uniforms such as security, healthcare and public transportation, often work with a point system. This is no problem at all with CermePOS, you create a client and list the special arrangements, the jobs delivered are collected and billed periodically.

Your POS advisor will be happy to provide a demonstration.

Dry Cleaning Software – Delivery and Collection

When the customer brings items you can indicate in the dry cleaning software if the item consists of sections, a three-piece suit for example. But how about the “clean at your own risk” comment. Sometimes there is a stain or the item is in a condition where you cannot guarantee that the cleaning process will return it clean and whole. At the touch of a button, the dry cleaning software allows you to indicate for each item whether something special is going on. That way it is clear to everyone what the agreements are.

Dry cleaning Bonprinter

Dry cleaning Software -washable receipt printer

The items to be treated are provided with a washable voucher, this voucher is resistant to moisture and other cleaning processes. If you use a barcode gun, a scan is enough to display all information about the item on the screen of your POS system. If you have an item that consists of parts, such as a three-piece suit, the printer automatically prints three receipts, so you never lose anything.