Supermarket Kassasysteem Software

Theright POS system for your supermarket should always keep track of sales, indicate which items are running well, advise you on how to make more profit with smart promotions and make sure you are purchasing the right amount of inventory. Picking the right software and equipment is no easy task.

Things like shelf life, price changes, deposits, and the administration of all this data can be time-consuming. In addition, the software must account for expansions, such as an additional cash register, a back office or a website. That’s why Cerme ICT BV’s POS systems were developed in cooperation with the supermarket industry and employee feedback.

Simple and scalable

A Supermarket POS system should excel in simplicity and user-friendliness and feature quality reports that you can modify or expand with a few clicks. You want to be able to make price changes  without inconveniencing your customers. CermePOS has taken that into account, the back office environment allows you to customize everything, without any delay. If you activate the CermePOS Webshop,  it runs synchronized to your cash register. This avoids  duplication of effort and you immediately have your logistics in order. Because the most common parcel services are present. 

Custom developed

You will be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of Cerme ICT BV’s supermarket POS system. Custom designed for the complex processes that affect a supermarket’s profitability. The data that your POS system contains is your property and, provided you have the rights to do so, are easily linked to an accounting system. 

That is one of the reasons why countless retailers have been using a supermarket POS system with Cerme ICT BV’s software for years. Contact us to learn more about smart and easily scalable Point Of Sale solutions.

Flexible import and export features will make your accountant happy!

Supermarkt kassasysteem barcode scannen


Doing more in less time.


Touchscreen operation

Hotkeys, article and group

Scanning Barcode, no errors with prices

Efficient checkout, PIN and Credit Cards

Webshop synchronization

Deposit processing


Accurate and up-to-date information.


Seeing points of improvement

Shelf life, insight, pricing on time

Supply in line with demand

Right price and quality ratio

Taking notes for staff

Hygiene and Safety


Clear view of free stock.


Ordering Process

Cost control

Control freshness through insight

Overstock, making offers

Accurate and fast inventory

First in First out rotation


Intuitive screens.


Intuitive design

Clear navigation

Integration with accounting

Accessible without prior knowledge

Adaptable to mode of operation

Efficient workflow


Increase sales with targeted promotion.



Recognizing target groups

Loyalty program, regular customer bonus

Webshop, online presence

Sales promotions and discounts

Brand identity


Knowing where you stand.


VAT declaration

Staff, working hours overview

Purchase management and order information

Revenue reporting, seeing where the profit is

Clear and concise reports

Offering and invoicing


If you have a business with multiple branches, our Point of Sale Cloud solutions allow you to see what the sales are at any time of the day. This can be one branch's supermarket checkout system or total. In addition, you can zoom in on sales by item, action or a territory. Want to know the method of payment for a particular receipt or the items listed on it? No problem at all.

If you use a Banknoterecycler (money changer) then you can access your cloud account online, real time, and see how and with what payments have been made, obviously the same applies to change. Cerme ICT BV can advise and inspire you with smart applications. We do this based on decades of expertise in the world of Point of Sale solutions. For retail, retail, hospitality and wholesale. 

Feel free to explore what optimization is possible within your company, our POS advisors are happy to do so!