Label printen

Print shelf card and or ingredient label

This label printer is used to print shelf cards or in pre-packaging in wholesale and retail. Another application is an ingredient list. In the hospitality industry, you can use this printer to print shelf life labels. Easy to operate, cost-effective and high-quality label printing on a variety of media. The CL-S400DT printer's ENERGY STAR® rating ensures that your printing process is always energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Point of sale label and label service

CermePOS software provides the standard services for label printing. You choose a color and size of the label, depending on your type of store and environment, and set it using the options in CermePOS. Upon request, we can design a label that fully meets your requirements.

Do you want your own label? Contact us, together we will ensure that your company, products and quality are recognizable by the labels.