Groothandel POS system Software

Wholesale POS System Software

Choosing a wholesale POS system can start with a question: What would the benefits be if all your customers ordered well ahead of time? Could you then buy more competitively, optimize inventory, and would the logistics process be simpler and less costly? We think so. With that in mind, we developed CermePOS Wholesale.


As an owner or employee of a wholesale business, you know better than anyone else that the profitability of your business is largely determined by the efficiency with which you run it. Our point of sale wholesale software, with website integration, does exactly what you want it to do. Namely: delivering keen insight with minimal effort.


Your customer orders by phone, email, website or perhaps WhatsApp. Then administrative assistants process the information obtained and the process of logistics begins. Collecting orders, signing off, scheduling, loading the truck and final delivery to the customer location. CermePOS Wholesale software, with the intelligent ordering application. We developed this ordering app for you w customers to optimize a wholesaler's sales.

Working together to take your business to the next level is our mission!

  • Prepare sales invoices.
  • Prepare delivery notes, orders and quotations.
  • Prepare credit invoices.
  • Daily, monthly or periodic sales.
  • Call credit sales list.
  • Mixpromos, promotional items.
  • Module for purchase invoices and payments to suppliers
  • Automatically generate orders from suppliers.
  • Cash Book
  • Bankbook
  • Coins and rates
  • Managing accounts
  • Store sales
  • Inventory management by store
  • Simple or valorized inventory reports
  • Managing stock changes
  • Stock returns
  • Spoiled items
  • Inventory Report
  • Rayon, barcode and customer labels
  • Touch screen buttons
  • Article groups without barcodes


Doing more in less time.


Debtor management, improve payment behavior

Logistical planning, reduced delivery times

RFID tags, fast processing of incoming and outgoing orders

Electronic Shelf Labels, digital shelf map

Customer ordering app, receive orders digitally


Accurate and up-to-date information.


Identify areas for improvement

Shelf life, discounting on time

Verification of correctness order execution

Notes for staff to improve efficiency

Complaints, easy to take and report

Back office, central control


Clear view of free stock.


Stock optimization

Ordering process, automatic orders

First in First Out, prevent spoilage

Dropshipping, short logistics

Overstock, offers


Intuitive screens.


Intuitive design

Clear navigation

Support with video connection

Adaptable to mode of operation

Efficient workflow

Short learning time


Targeted promotion, increase sales.



Recognizing target audiences

Offering special promotions

Effective marketing, knowledge of target audience

Webshop Synchronization

Brand identity


Knowing where you stand.


VAT declaration

Purchasing management and revenue information

Staff, working hours overview

Flexible analysis convenient reporting

Revenue and profit reporting

Offering and invoicing

  • Clear X, Y and Z reporting
  • Sales report invoices and receipts
  • Payment Report
  • Discounts by period
  • Good running products
  • Sales, article, group and periodic
  • Week, month or period report
  • Best customers overview
  • Customer card
  • Gift cards and balance report
  • Multilingual: German, English, French, and Dutch
  • Data import and export
  • Mobile hand terminal
  • Personnel, report hours worked
  • Importing suppliers
  • Importing and exporting customers
  • Importing sales and old invoices
  • Importing and exporting articles
  • Export to Reflex Server
  • Subscription system
  • Automatic collection file generation
  • SEPA billing
  • Sending invoices by mail
  • Sending messages to customers
  • Customer card management
  • Management of suppliers
  • Group and subgroup management
  • Management of brands and sizes
  • Hotkeys, article and group
  • Standard and custom labels
  • Shelf card
  • Statistics
  • Bundle prices
  • Prices per period
  • Purchase price by supplier
  • Images
  • Deposit menu