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CermePOS Store Automation

An ultra modern system that makes your shop in no time cost effective. You are always one step ahead of the competition. With CermePOS you can manage your store, checking inventory and increase your sales.

It works with barcodes: you can win a lot of time at the checkout and give your customers a better service. To avoid errors when entering prices and misappropriation of funds by the cashiers.

It gives you at any time of day overview of your sales and the exact amount in each checkout! With a few clicks you can create your inventory and the list of print orders.

And it is also very easy to use. Your staff is there in a few hours away with it, even without prior knowledge of computers. CermePOS is known for its simplicity, accuracy and speed: indispensable for a better management of your store.

CermePOS is NMI certified and has thus an authorization (TC) number. CermePOS can therefore be directly linked to an integrated checkout scale.


Software Products


CermePOS software has proven itself in the retail sector.


CermePOS Trade has been specially developed for wholesalers in cooperation with the industry.

Warehouse Manegement

Cerme WAMAS has been specially developed for warehouses.


CermePOS Horeca cash register software has proven itself in the hospitality industry.

Dry Cleaning

CermePOS Dry Cleaning has been developed specifically for the dry cleaning industry.


Let experts build your Magento webshop with CermePOS


Hardware Products

Integrated Touch Checkout

Choose one of our integrated POS systems and the appropriate peripheral hardware.

Price Checker

Use our Price Checker for checking item prices in store or registering the working hours of your staff.

POS Terminals

With our integrated EFT terminals, the checkout time is minimized.

Label Printer

Use our labelprinters, for printing shelf labels or barcode labels.

Mobile Terminal

Use our mobile terminals for data collection, order picking, offsite invoicing or delivery note printing.

Weighing Scales

Use a checkout scale for fast and correct sale of your weighing items. Diminish deprecation.

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