POS all-in-one computer with touch screen

POS all-in-one computer with touch screen

A POS computer is a robust all-in-one computer equipped with a touchscreen (touch screen) instead of a keyboard. Instead of a keyboard, the cashier has a tocuscreen with which the entire transaction can be handled. This saves time and reduces the chance of errors. The POS computer has additional connection ports for a Barcode scanner, Scale, Customer Display and a PIN device.

Because of the reliability, we work with, among others, the brand Colormetrics

Touchscreen instead of keyboard

  • Additional connection ports
  • No fan, silent


No Description
1 19V DC Input
3 USB 2.0 x3
4 USB 3.0 XI
5 RJ45 (COM4)
6 RJ45 (COM3)
7 RJ45 (COM2)
8 RJ45 (COMI)
9 LAN port
10 RJII (Cash Drawer)
11 Line Out XI
12 USB 2.0 x2
13 UPS Connector
14 HDD Cover
15" VFD Cover/8"" 10"" Display (Option)"
16 ID/2D Barcode scanner (Option)
17 MSR/ i-Button/ RFID (Option)
18 Power Button