Cloud Kassa

Cloud checkout the ultimate hybrid checkout solution

Cloud POS is the ultimate way to get real-time data and analytics on sales in your store. By capturing and processing transaction data instantly, companies can gain valuable insights into their sales performance, inventory levels and customer behavior. With these insights, business owners can make strategic decisions to optimize business performance, such as identifying best-selling products, adjusting prices and improving customer service.


Cloud checkout - Real time

In our POS solutions, we take a hybrid approach, providing both local and cloud functionality. This means the POS systems continue to work even if the Internet goes down. In such a situation, they automatically switch to local mode so that your business operations continue uninterrupted.

When cash registers run locally, all transactions are stored in a buffer. Once the Internet is available again, the buffered transactions are synchronized with the cloud. This ensures that your data is always up-to-date and that no valuable information is lost.

A key advantage of our hybrid POS solutions is the flexibility they offer. You will enjoy the benefits of the cloud, such as easy updating of store checkouts and analyzing sales data. At the same time, you are protected from potential Internet outages because your cash registers can seamlessly switch to local mode. If you want even more security, we recommend using an Internet modem with a GSM sim in the store environment.

Cloud back office

Cloud back office is the environment where you can configure your items, groups and prices. This can be done easily and efficiently, simplifying the management of your assortment. With the ability to modify and update data via the cloud, you are always able to make changes quickly and accurately.

Cloud Webshop

Another advantage of our cloud POS solution is integration with a web shop and logistics services. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of online sales and easily sell your products through your integrated web shop. Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate your sales platforms such as Amazon and Bol.com with the cloud webshop, allowing you to reach a wider customer base and efficiently manage your sales channels.

Cloud Reference Shop

A cloud checkout environment that you can use to customize anything you want and then update all the checkouts, or a selection.

Choose real-time information with CermePOS' cloud solutions.