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Dutch Bakery reduces discrepancies and increases hygiene at the cash register



Troubleshoot cash issues at the POS

At Bakery Feyenoord, customers enjoy Dutch, Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese bread, pastries, baklava and pizza every day, all prepared with the greatest care. But the bakery’s owner, Yusuf, had problems with cash differences at the point of sale. And since food is his business, he also wanted a more hygienic system for processing cash payments.

Yusuf met Nevzat, the owner of CermePOS-Kassa Software, and explained the problems he had with the money system he had purchased. Nevzat recommended a Paypod payment station and gave Yusuf a demo at his office.

“I knew I could trust CermePOS and so I followed their advice,” he said. “And they exceeded all my expectations.”