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CermePOS Horeca

CermePOS Horeca cash register software has proven itself in the hospitality industry. It is used in the Netherlands and Germany. Very easy to manage by the users. It offers a solution for the restaurants with the possibility to manage tables and orders. Developed in collaboration with the industry it is very easy to learn and use with its intuitive screens.

CermePOS Eq-Startup

The software is designed for faster and more efficient sales. It can be used for various chain stores such as restaurant, snack bar, snack bar, lounge and various hospitality chain stores.

Cerme POS Software for Restaurants
CermePOS Horeca Software

Why CermePOS Horeca Cash Register software is best for you ?

Fast and efficient sales which shortens the order, calculation and delivery time.

A faster and more accurate delivery also increases customer satisfaction.

A good overview of your sales and inventory makes it easier.

A useful program, which reduces errors and allows new staff to get used to quickly.

Cancellations, discounts and gift vouchers are well kept. This way you reduce the risk of incorrect calculations.

Special discounts and time functions (Happy Hours, Happy Days), so you can easily take price promotions.

Recording options and caller ID recognition, which saves time when making orders and reservations.

Many more options and options that will reduce, facilitate and save your work.

Why CermePOS Horeca is the most efficient for you?

Place order with the customer. Track payment. Color settings for full and empty tables. Special arrangement for table arrangement. Place separate order per table. Moving order to another customer. Canceling orders and following them. Alerting of tables where the order has taken too long.

The best product for your store automation. You can place an order for each device at the checkout. Delivery settings and reservations are also possible. With its versatile functions such as the time setting, one can also do a lot.

The terminals are the terminals that are connected to each other and the waiters use when ordering. Wide option of functions and possibilities. Changing tables, changing orders, adjusting amounts and so on. This is an Android system.

Set special offers for specific times (hours or days). Via the Eqpos system you can start an action for a certain menu or for special days such as Monday and Thursday for between 2 and 4 p.m. Beyond that, the system automatically returns to standard prices.

This is the monitor that is immediately visible on the terminal when ordering. The last order is at the top and is divided into 8 screens. A well-arranged program for entrepreneurs and staff.

The customer card contains all required information from the customers, such as the telephone number. This way you can save customers and publish an overview. You can divide this into, for example, the residential area and age. This way you can do extensive research and analyze results and findings.

The telephone number of the relevant store can be monitored and kept up to date with this. Save numbers and edit numbers.

Thanks in part to this system, you will also keep a close eye on your staff. Orders made, time, price, cancellations, reservations, trips and more things. That way you can keep track of how your staff operates.

With the help of the customer screen you can immediately see what has been ordered and keep track. This is linked to the main cash register, so you can also manage all kinds of promotions and campaigns.

Eqpos back office systems ensure that you can manage everything via a central location. The cash registers, staff, orders, customer overview and everything you need to do and maintain a comprehensive and proper analysis of your store. You can even track multiple locations via a central point.


Lets Get Started

Mini Plan

  • Unlimited product input
  • Sale
  • Barcode sale
  • Tax option
  • Deposit
  • Fast sales module
  • Cash purchase and sale
  • Cash register connection
  • Open account
  • Customer screen
  • Timeline
  • Excel Import Export
  • Automatic Mail
  • Automatic Z report

Business Plan

  • Back office location management
  • Multiple currency
  • Voorstel module
  • Barcode bestelling
  • Camera integration
  • Production module
  • Cost analysis



CermePos Horeca has a certified link with the Atos (Banksys) payment terminals. It also has a link with the cash payment system.


CermePOS is NMI certified this offers the possibility to link checkout scales to the software. This allows you to run your sales process smoothly and quickly at the checkout.